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Search Engine Submission

The Internet has forever changed the way that we do business, and interact with family, friends and associates. Experts tell us that the Internet will have an even greater impact and effect on our business and personal lives than did the advent of the telephone, beepers, fax machines and cell phones. They boldly predict that anyone not using the Internet for business, will be out of business in 10 years! We invite you to allow us to help bring your business and personallife into the 21st century!

Business Websites
Showcase Your Business
Professional Company Image
An Online Showroom or Catalog
Expand Your Market Area
Sell Locally, Nationally or Globally
Post Sales and Specials
Online Sales and Marketing
Instant Communication with Customers
Low-Cost Advertising
Sell Advertising on Your Website

Personal Websites
Showcase Your Family & Friends
Singles – Meet New Friends!
Hobbies & Interests
Religious & Spiritual Beliefs
Private Chatrooms
Private Bulletin Board
Your Little Piece of the Internet

Association Websites
Attract New Members
Public Relations Tool
Fund Raising
Calendar of Events
What You’re About

Note: Many of your clients have little or no knowledge about websites, or marketing on the Internet. We take the time to walk you through every step, offer professional advise, and explain everything you need to know, to make your website functional and productive.

Marketing Your Website

Having a carefully designed and functional website is of little use if no one see’s it! Many company’s go through the expense and effort of building beautiful websites, only to become discouraged when they don’t bring the desired results. Here are some tips to insure that your website will be productive and profitable:

Include your URL in all of your advertising
Include your URL on all of your printed material. i.e. business cards, letterhead, newsletters, etc.
Make an e-mail list containing all of your clients/customers, and encourage employees to use it for all possible communications.
Trade banner ads or linkswith other websites that compliment yours.
Most Important – Submit your URL to all of the major Search Engines monthly

Search Engine Submission For Your Website
We offer complete, professional URL submission for every need and budget:

Plan #1: Submit your URL Homepage to over 800,000 popular Search Engines, FAA Sites, Classified Sites, and Directories.
Annual Contract – Your URL Homepage submitted once per month, for 12-months, only $240.00 Per Year

Plan #2: Submit your ENTIRE URL to over 800,000 popular Search Engines, FAA Sites, Classified Sites, and Directories. This method uses a “spider” that extracts key information from your URL on every website page, and does a seperate submission for each. This produces the least amount of return “spam”, and produces the maximum search engine results.
submitted once per month, for 12-months, only $360.00 Per Year